Considering the dearth of good solo tuba recordings in recent years Carl Ludwig Hubsch would be in a field of his own even if he didn`t try to be different. DER ERSTE BERICHT ("the first report") acknowledges the inevitable novelty charge with a Cover of Kashmir - we don`t get many Led Zeppelin covers in these pages either but what persists is Hubsch`s contro, and, yes, poetry with an instrument that, for jazz, was long relegated to huffing in the end zone. Creating overtones by singing through his horn, he extends his instrument the way Albert Mangelsdorff stretched the trombone, while his drumming on the side of the instrument in M5 and Ross 780 adds a third party. Away from those extensions, he has astounding control of his instrument`s softer range, as the reverie of Groombridge 34 affirms so handsomely.